Access the Home Fitness Training Specialist complete guide to building a successful in-home fitness training business which has been approved by (9) highly-regarded fitness certification organizations.Immediately access the 148 page online Home Fitness Training Specialist business courseImmediate access to the instantly-graded 100 question multiple choice exam (open book testing format) Upon Successful test completion of 80%+ you will be mailed your Home Fitness Training Specialist Certificate, Letter of Distinction, and wallet sized certificate.ANYONE MAY CHOOSE THE GOLD OPTION. IT IS FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN LEARNING HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL IN-HOME FITNESS TRAINER BUSINESS $149
Upon Successful Course Completion you are able to legally use the Verified Logo on any of your marketing materials(we will provide you with this). You will legally be able to utilize the HFTS (Home Fitness Training Specialist) besides your name acronym. ie Jeff Drock MS, CSCS, HFTS Immediate access to our Home Fitness Professionals Association find a trainer location system. Place your bio and contact information in this system and then anyone can find you through the zip code locator process. Potential clients can contact you directly and you get 100% of client training fees! ONLY CERTIFIED TRAINERS MAY CHOOSE THIS PLATINUM OPTION WHICH INCLUDES ALL GOLD MEMBER PLUS BENEFITS PLUS OTHER EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS (LISTED HERE) $249 Upon successful course completion, you receive continuing education credits and are then mailed the official continuing education course completion form. Certifications accept this course for approximately 10 continuing education contact hours. (Note: check the CEU APPROVAL section of this site to see exactly how many Continuing Education Credits this course is worth towards your Fitness Certification renewal)